About Us

We are a small family run outfit interested in showcasing the wonder of the Nilgiris Biosphere while doing out bit in preserving its native flora and fauna

Gadhu Sundaram


I grew up roaming the stunning sholas of Nilgiris. I was lucky enough to spend my childhood exploring the wooded slopes of Tiger hills in Coonoor to the shrub jungles of Thengumarahada to the picteresque sholas of Mukurthi National Park. The kaleidoscopic colours of the Sholas never fail to make my heart flutter. Work has taken me out of India for more than 25 years - working in technology, but my heart always stayed in the Nilgiris. I am passionate about doing my bit to apply all the science and technology that I have learnt in my corporate life to help save the wonderful biosphere we are lucky enough to have been born in. We created jadeshola to help spread the love of sholas and to experiment with ways to help regenerate sholas. Hopefully, we can inspire others in the Nilgiri hills and beyond to join us in our journey.

Mugunthan Ganapathy


I am a native of the Nilgiris, with very deep roots over several generations. At the turn of the century, I got into the corporate world in the Telecom industry, travelling across cities, performing various roles covering Customer Service, Retention and Relationship management. After more than 15 years of a very successful career, I had seen enough, was missing home and was desperate to put my energy into something that I was passionate about and worthy. Contributing my bit to making the world a better place. So after 15 years, I quit the rate race and went back to my roots. The Jade Shola is one of these initiatives where I want to share with you the beauty of the Nilgiris and the joy of restoring at least a small portion of it to its native glory.